June 18, 2014
"This hostel has toooooo many hipsters"

"[T]he atmosphere was rather pretentious and unfriendly. Especially from the bar staff. Maybe we just weren’t hipster enough. In future I’ll get daddy to set me up a trust fund, deck myself out in converse, skinny jeans and some fake black rimmed specs so I’ll fit in.

Room Tip: Stay somewhere else if you’re not a hipster.”

-Trip advisor reviewer 606gerald on Kex Hostel, Iceland

June 17, 2014
Nothing like a glass of water to get you through a hipster date conversation

"Very hipster, sadly enough.  Nothing quite as bad as sitting on the common table and being forced to hear the hipster date conversation next to us.  But I guess the pizza and sparkling water make it worth it."

- Yelp reviewer Joseph H. on Pizzeria Farina - Vancouver, BC


June 16, 2014
"In my opinion Hipster Christianity as it is called is a very dangerous thing because many christians are allowing themselves to become a part of the problem and not the cure."


June 15, 2014
People working on laptops refuse to gaze upon my toddler

"The place is busy at all hours and seating is mostly communal. Ironically this communal set-up has the effect of making people less friendly as the hipsters in horn-rimmed glasses stare intently at their laptops and try to avoid the gaze of any parents with toddlers who might sit too close."

- Yelp reviewer H T. on Matchstick Coffee Roasters - Vancouver, BC


June 14, 2014
Hipsters Have Got To Go, Part II


"Hipsters love shopping but not at big brand stores. They love shopping at thrift shops and this store called “Urban Outfitters” (…the name makes me mad too!) You can find “Urban Outfitters” inside a ton of malls throughout the nation. There is one by my house too. Anyways, the store sells things only a hipster could love such as t-shirts with the PBR logo all over them!"

June 13, 2014
Reading and conversing lowering tone at yet another coffee shop

"…sitting down in here is just really unpleasant- lots of extreme-hipsters (apparently trying to score hipster points by reading a book while leaning up against the wall with coffee, or in groups of 4 wearing comically similar clothing and having deep conversation, I’m sure)… You will probably get a discount if you bring an Apple product, however. 

"If you don’t like places where people are trying way to hard to be a "scene" (like I don’t), you won’t like Matchstick."

- Yelp reviewer Jasen T. on Matchstick Coffee Roasters - Vancouver, BC

June 12, 2014
In which the phrase “one word hipster answers” is used:

"Smile lady…you don’t need to be upset with me. I’m just ordering coffee. Oh and thank you for your one word hipster answers. I’m sorry your bleach job/green dye job and all those facial piercingly hurt so bad."

- Yelp reviewer Matt V. on Finch’s Tea and Coffee House - Vancouver, BC


June 11, 2014
Hipsters fail to ruin salt


"Well, now I know where all the hipsters in Vancouver go on Friday night (I have never seen so many people wearing fedoras in one place before). That being said, this place is great!”

- Yelp review of the Salt Tasting Room - Vancouver, BC


June 10, 2014
JJ Bean hipsters to be led by example

"Next time I get bad service in that location I’ll remind the person serving me that they are just another ignorant hipster working in the service industry."  - Yelp reviewer Chris P.


June 9, 2014
Extra! Extra! Cashiers talk amongst themselves at the Market on Yates

"The Market on Yates Is conveniently placed around many apartment complexes… As for the cashiers I feel like an inconvenience to them when I come through the till. As you approach any till the entitled hipsters who work at the at this end of the store will fail to greet you and sometimes won’t even acknowledge your existence. As they "serve you" they will talk amongst each other and ignore customers. On a few occasions I have gone through a till to see two girls standing side by side whispering in each other’s ears while covering there mouths as to hide what the are saying. Seriously, THIS SHIT MAKES ME HATE THIS FUCKING STORE! Do your job… I dislike the entitled hipster staff at the front end of the store."

- Yelp reviewer Dober M:


June 8, 2014
"This little hipster joint needs to seriously WAKE UP! The staff need to get off their high horses and actually provide some real customer service, like EYE contact and maybe a smile.
NEWS FLASH: a ‘barista’ is just a glorified coffee brewer making minimum wage, time to loosen up your skinny jeans. GET OVER YOURSELF… Watch out for the hipsters creeping in from Fernwood inside this place. Will not come back."


April 3, 2013
"Probably one of the best burgers in the area. They have a great selection of burgers and beer… I kind of feel like Im not cool enough to eat there. Stinking hipsters."


April 2, 2013
Ugh, hipsters! / Tell me I'm a hipster!


"If I see one more fedora-wearing hipster striding past my house, I may hyperventilate. Which leads nicely into my next point…

"I just want a normal life. I realize that hipsters are a part of life and that there’s no use hating them… I just don’t want to be surrounded by them, like some ghostly vapor you can’t escape that takes up all the oxygen in the room, ya know? I might be mistaken for a hipster at first glance. But I’m pretty sure I’m not one. 

"Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with my iPhone and my MacBook. Yes, I wore Chuck Taylors when everyone was wearing Reeboks and legwarmers, and still do (meaning I wear Chucks, not Jane Fonda gear). But, bear with me here. I do not have a single tattoo. I do not drink PBR. I do not ride a “fixy” (fixed gear bike). I do not own a fedora… Irony is NOT my chief aim when dressing myself… I wear skinny jeans, but I’m a chick, I’m allowed — I’ve been wearing skinny jeans for years… Could a hipster write such a spectacular rambling digression? Probably. Never mind."

April 1, 2013

Senator Orrin Hatch:President Obama has traded in the hard hat and lunch bucket category of the Democratic Party for the hipster fedora and a double skim latte

March 30, 2013
"You can spot a hipster from a mile away. Make sure you can spot them, before they spot you. You don’t want to be caught being called a ‘poseur’ or worse, have one pull down his/her Ray-Ban sunglasses and give you a hipster sneer. Hipsters are not very nice or kind. They invade your neighborhood without paying attention to local customs or habits. They walk down the street with an air of ‘I’m better than everyone else on this damn block’."